Are you looking for the best chimney sweeps in Ireland? In this article we show you the 5 best chimney sweeps near you in Ireland in 2022.

How to Stop Your Chimney from Smoking

The best way to stop your chimney from smoking is to have it swept. A chimney sweep will come and clean out the creosote and other debris that has built up over time, preventing smoke from escaping.

A chimney can become blocked for a variety of reasons, including leaves and twigs that have been caught in the flue, or too much ash being deposited on the fire. If you notice your fireplace smoking more than usual, it may be time to call a professional.

3 Ways to Prevent a Chimney Fire and What to Do in Case of a Blaze

Every year, more than 10,000 chimney fires happen worldwide. This is why it’s important to know how to prevent a chimney fire and what to do when one happens.

Here are 3 ways you can prevent a chimney fire:

1) Clean your chimney every year.

2) Install a smoke detector near your fireplace or stove.

3) Have an annual inspection by a professional.

If you have a blaze and need assistance from the fire department, call 911 immediately!

The Definitive List of Local Chimney Sweeps to Help You Find a Pro in Your Area

Chimney sweeps are not just in the business of cleaning chimneys. They can also be hired for a range of tasks, from inspecting fireplaces to fixing gas lines.

Sweeps can also provide safety inspections to residential and commercial buildings. This includes inspecting for blocked or clogged chimneys and checking for any structural damage that could cause a fire hazard.

You may not know what you need when it comes to chimney sweeping services, but luckily we have the definitive list of local sweeps to help you find a pro in your area!

Best Chimney Sweeps In Ireland

Chimney Master

Chimney Master is the best chimney sweep in Ireland and offer a full range of chimney cleaning services. With years of experience and dedication to customer service, you can rely on John and the team to provide a quality service.

Chimney Sweep Sligo

A reliable chimney sweep in Sligo is a chimney sweep, who has been working in the industry for many years, and has a good knowledge of the work.

The chimney sweep will have to be qualified and insured to work on your property. They will also need to have a good understanding of the chimneys and how they operate. This is especially important for older properties that may not be up-to-date with their safety precautions.

The last thing you want is an inexperienced person coming into your home and potentially causing damage or injury.

Chimney Sweep Letterkenny

The chimneys in Letterkenny seem to be in constant need of cleaning.

A reliable chimney sweep in Letterkenny is a must for any home owner, as the chimneys are always dirty and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. That is where Chimney Sweep Letterkenny comes to the rescue.

Dublin Chimney Sweep Ltd

The chimney sweep is an essential part of the home. It is vital that the chimney is swept regularly to avoid any hazards.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable chimney sweep, contact our company today. We have been in business for years, and we know what it takes to keep your home safe from any fire hazards.

They offer a variety of services at competitive rates, so contact them today to learn more.

All Clear Chimney Cleaning

A quality company based in Dublin, All Clear Chimney Cleaning offer a great reputation and quality results for their customers.