If you are looking to work with a company that offers debt settlement services, here are the best companies to help you out in 2018.

5) Credit Saint Debt Settlement

Credit Saint started its business in 2004. Soon Credit Saint attracted some customers and made a good name in the field of credit repairing, debt consolidation, debt settlement and other credit-related services. Due to its exceptional record, Credit Saint was awarded “BBB Accredited Business since 2007” rating by the Better Business Bureau. Since the inception, the company is trying to maintain its good rating by providing quality debt settlement services.

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4) Guardian Debt

Guardian Debt Relief is a debt negotiation company based in the Financial District in New York City. They have started their business on 15th October 2012. Their core service is debt negotiation, but Guardian Debt Relief also serves as an expert resource for financial education. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has officially recognized Guardian Debt Relief as an accredited debt relief provider. They are a good solution for managing your debt.

The American Fair Credit Counsel (AFCC) and the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) have both recognized Guardian for its strong ethical values and compliance with the regulations set forth by the Federal Trade Commission. Guardian Debt Relief dedicates its resources to helping you get out of debt as fast and effortlessly as possible.

They provide a real alternative to traditional debt consolidation or credit killing bankruptcy. They offer unsecured debts they handle will surely cover what plagues your finances. Credit cards, utilities, medical bills, personal loans and more can be handled through Guardian Debt Relief.

Guardian Debt Relief only sever clients who possess unsecured forms of debt and these may include but not limited to :

  • Credit card bills
  • Medical bills
  • Utility bills
  • Private student loans

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3) American Debt Enders

American Debt Enders is in business since 2006. American Debt Enders is a FREE Credit Counseling Company. As such they are a Debt Counseling “One Stop.” Their counselors are certified by NIFCE (National Institute for Financial Counseling), and through their affiliations they are able to offer diverse debt solutions to those oppressed by debt. Currently, American Debt Enders can help you with any type of unsecured debt other than IRS issues and student loans or Pay Day Loans.

Also referred to as Debt Consolidation, this program is designed to help individuals who have greater than $5000.00 in Credit Card Debt, have high interest rates and realize they are now in what is commonly referred to as a “Pay for Life Program”.


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2) Credit Firm Debt

Credit Firm, Inc. is in business since 2010. At Credit Firm Inc. their professional and well-experienced credit repair experts work with you cohesively on your case and build a comprehensive and customized total credit repair solution. This solution works like a plan that addresses not just disputes but also credit card repayment, validations and ways to improve score and establish new credit.

Credit Firm, Inc offer a FREE Consultation to determine what you need. They develop a plan of action specific to your situation and goals. Ingredients are carefully selected to compose the exact recipe for your success. These ingredients are: education, counseling, credit score enhancement, goal oriented time-line. Credit Firm’s program duration is 8 months ! During this period they council, educate and work to enhance their client’s credit scores. Each client receive a written money back guarantee required by law.


Credit Firm’s Services :

  •         Personal Credit Coaching
  •         Credit Repair Services
  •         Debt Settlement
  •         Re-establishing New Credit


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1) National Debt Relief 


There are numerous benefits you can gain when availing of National Debt Relief’s assistance in such situations. These include:

–       Be given specialists advice and guidance.

–       Be able to have a plan that will address your specific situation properly.

–       Benefit from a lower monthly repayment.

–       The possibility of getting certain fees and charges waived.

–       At times a portion of the debt may be forgiven.

–       Have the possibility of focusing on one payment only.


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