American Debt Enders is in business since 2006. Its founded by  StevenCiantro. Before we talk about American Debt Enders  lets have some information about the founder. Steven a Certified Credit Counselor, Management Representative of American Debt Enders, is a former finalist in Inc Magazine, Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Contest in 1991. He is also a successful published songwriter and musician, album “January Tyme” can be heard on You Tube, also, Inventor of a Patented Medical device, and Public Speaker (about debt issues).

American Debt Enders Company Review


American Debt Enders is a FREE Credit Counseling Company. As such they are a Debt Counseling “One Stop.” Their counselors are certified by NIFCE (National Institute for Financial Counseling), and through their affiliations they are able to offer diverse debt solutions to those oppressed by debt. Currently, American Debt Enders can help you with any type of unsecured debt other than IRS issues and student loans or Pay Day Loans.Also referred to as Debt Consolidation, this program is designed to help individuals who have greater than $5000.00 in Credit Card Debt, have high interest rates and realize they are now in what is commonly referred to as a “Pay for Life Program”. The Joe Economy have done a review on Curadebt, they are an alternative company.


You can get out of your debt with American Debt Enders within 5 years. On the other side, if you will have credit card’s debt then when you will start their program your credit card will be closed !This mean you will need to have any other card for your emergencies.


Highlights of American Debt Enders:

  • Free consultation
  • Licensed lawyers to handle cases
  • Clients sign directly with attorney’s
  • Educational resources


American Debt Enders clients are required to set up an escrow account where a predetermined monthly payment will be saved in order to accumulate enough to begin the negotiation process.

American Debt Enders offers an array of product offerings and operates through affiliates. They do not provide any specific programs to consumers. They act as more of a conduit for their affiliates. Debt settlement programs are not offered in CT, IL, KS, ND, SC, WA, WV and WY, limiting services to consumers in 42 states.


Read a review of American Debt Enders

“American Debt Enders are straight forward, honest and helpful to their clients. Being in a financial rut is difficult and it’s an easy trap to fall into when you’re not knowledgeable. These experts will do what it takes to help you reach the financial freedom you desire and will educate you in the process. That’s what they’re currently doing for me. They treat each individual client with due care and diligence, as each debt is unique. I believe this is one of many reasons why they’re number one and will remain continuously prosperous !”


So, I have talked about the good side of American Debt Enders. Now lets see some bad side of this company. Some complaints about American Debt Enders include issues with their affiliates. Their business model is not in the position to guarantee satisfaction with any of their affiliates. If consumers use an affiliate, there is potential for running into issues of consistency.


If you want to know more about their program or have any question then you can call them at 1-877-766-2465.