In this post we will take a review of the Gratian Schindler Hedge Fund, look at the investments, portfolio and those involved.

Gratian Schindler hedge fund

Who is Gratian Schindler?

Gratian Schindler is a Swiss national born in Switzerland in September 1995. His age is 23 as of September 2018. He is one of the youngest hedge fund owners in the world.

He is currently an active director of Schindler Asset Management (PR) Ltd. This is a company that was registered at Level 30, The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, London, United Kingdom, EC3V 4AB. Some would argue that this is a company set up to provide positive PR on the back of an online barrage from social media trolls or fake news smear campaigns on the hedge funds



Background on Gratian Schindler Hedge Fund

Gratian Schindler is on record as being a “student” which is his role based on information obtained on Schindler Asset Management (PR) Ltd.

When you do a Linkedin search for Gratian Schindler you will find a profile “Gratian S.” who is from Zurich Switzerland and is currently a student of Harvard University.

Gratian Schindlers email address is not widely available on the internet. If you join Linkedin, send a connection request you may be able to ask him for his email address. If you have a scraping tool or use Linkedin’s sales navigator you might find his email address.

He is the owner of a hedge fund. A hedge fund is an offshore investment fund. Hedge funds are set up usually as private limited partnerships, that speculates using credit or borrowed capital.



Gratian Schindler Investments

It is unsure at the moment what exactly the investments are. This is something that is under review by a number of financial commentators around the world are trying to find out

Early speculations suggest that Gratian Schindler net worth is $2,000,000 – $100,000,000



Gratian Schindler Portfolio

It is yet to be disclosed what the portfolio of investments are and what industries are the investments.

Some suggest that real estate plays a part of the investment fund. This is not verified and only a guess at this moment.


When you do a Google search you will also find Schindler Holdings AG on the Forbes rich list. They could be connected. This is a company worth $23 Billion. It engages in the design and installation of elevator and escalator systems. The company was founded in 1874 in Switzerland. This company has over 61,000 employees around the world. Their systems are used in almost every country in the world.