It is a critical factor for any business to have a strategy in place for growth, profitability and even survival. There are countless strategies available for every business and each is determined by the goals set out by that organisation.

How are goals managed? Goals are organised from the higher levels of management and works through the layers of the company. But to ensure that goals get completed it is important that a strategy execution management platform is used to monitor strategies and to create accountability.


Examples of strategy execution management platforms

An example of a strategy execution management platform is inexus. The i-nexus Strategy Execution management platform is cloud-based, enterprise-ready software which empowers executives and professionals with a complete suite of tools for strategic planning, portfolio execution, and performance tracking.

The platform is used across the world by businesses to run, improve and transform, with a powerful collection of tools and team of experts to hand to ensure that more of your goals are achieved faster and with less investment.


With strategy execution management software you can increase goal alignment by adopting the catchball technique and recording this in the platform, ensuring that all actions, projects and portfolios feed your strategy.

Outline why you are struggling on goal alignment at present, what steps you can take in the future without the SEM software, and how this will be accelerated and improved with the software.

It is also worthwhile explaining you vendor selection process and the considerations given to an internal IT build at this point.

For vendor selection, make use of tools such as Gartner, G2 and booking demos to understand the platforms available to you in more detail.

For your internal IT build, look at the costs involved in building, implementing and managing the platform, as well as hidden costs such as servers, new talent and support. Moreover, leverage (sensitively) past projects to explain why an internal build has not been chosen.


If your business has to track goals, then it is time that you employ a strategy execution management platform to ensure goals are met.