As a business owner or even as an employee of a professional business you are most likely going to need a headshot photograph. Whether this is for a website or to put a face to the work you do. A headshot photograph is a great way to put a face to your business and humanise your brand.



Here are 10 tips for professional headshots

1. Clothing

You want your photographs to look professional, so t-shirts with slogans etc. aren’t appropriate. In reality the photo will last a couple of years on the company website so you want to ensure it represents the company correctly.

Patterns and stripes wont work well on all computer screens. Plain clothing is always a good option as these headshots regularly get turned into black and white. While you think your pink shirt and blue tie looks well in person, turn that into black and white and see the tones clash.


2. Shiny skin

Most of the time if you get a professional photographer they will have professional lighting, these are great but it can make your skin look shiny or greasy. Make sure your face immediately before the shoot to prevent this. After all no one wants to look sweaty in a photo that could be the face of the company.


3. Makeup

The thing to remember this is a professional shoot so natural is always best. Keep this in mind when you are applying your makeup that morning. Don’t go overboard as if you are going for a night out. No wild coloured eye shadow etc. You want the image to be a good professional representation of yourself.


4. Smile

This one may seem obvious but you would be surprised with the number of professional photographs I’ve seen that the person has a stern look or a fake smile.

Try to think of a good memory or something funny when getting your photograph taken, make the smile authentic. It is obvious when someone is forcing a smile with their mouth compared to an authentic smile with their whole face.


5. Keep the backdrop simple

There are many different backdrop options to consider and they will make a massive difference on how the final photo turns out. From a plain white backdrop to an office setting there are many options. But remember you don’t want it to take away from the focal point of the image – YOU.



6. Stay away from major trends

In terms of clothing, hair, makeup and accessories it is a good idea to stay away from any major trends. Yes they may look ‘cool’ right now, but remember this photo will most likely be used for several years. This in trend may end in a matter of month and make your photo look outdated.  


7. Get plenty of sleep the night before

In order to have a fresh and happy photograph make sure you get plenty of sleep the night prior to the shoot. This will reduce bags under your eyes and other features associated with lack of sleep making you look tired and uninspired.  


8. Hire a professional

Not an option of all companies with limited spending, but if you can it is highly recommended you hire a professional photographer. Let’s face it he does it for a living and knows one or two tricks for getting that perfect photograph.  


9. Relax

Make sure you look relaxed and calm in your photographs. If you feel uncomfortable getting your photo taken have family member or a friend take some to familiarise yourself. This will pay off in your actual shoot, you will be more relaxed and be happier with the end result.  



Remember this is a professional photo, taking a photo at arms length might work for your instagram post but it doesn’t for this. It paints a bad picture of your company and can make potential clients lose interest.