Marketing collateral is the collection of media used to support sales of a product or a service. Traditionally marketing collateral was printed material such as posters and brochures.


Marketing collatoral


Marketing collateral is usually implemented after a business makes initial contact with a consumer through advertising methods. Effective marketing collateral can improve the growth rate of businesses. It is great for showing a customer the products or services of a company and can be the key to securing a long term loyal client.


7 Top tips for designing marketing collateral

Now you know what marketing collateral is, let’s look at some top tips into how to make marketing collateral work for your company.


1. Make what you are selling obvious

As the market place is getting more an more competitive you have to grab the consumers attention within seconds. This is where you need to make sure each piece of collateral marketing is crystal clear. It needs to display who you are and what you are selling. Any obscurity and you can lose valuable potential customers.  



2. Include a variety of ways a customer can contact you

With every method you need to ensure you include ALL the ways a customer can contact you. This is with all you marketing collateral marketing methods such as brochures or posters.  



3. Creativity

As stated in the first point we know how competitive the market is and the short amount of time we have to get a consumers interest. This is where you have to be creative with you marketing collateral. Simple ads are a thing of the past, you need to be creative. Think of new unique ideas that reflect your business and its values.  



4. Keep it simple

If you are in a specialised field it can be tempting to show off your expertise. But this is a big NO in the marketing collateral world. Avoid the use of technical terms and leave your content so that your customer can understand everything.  



5. Audience

With absolutely everything you do make sure you have the audience in mind. Who they are and what they want? With each piece of content make sure you are responding to their wants and needs this includes the lay out, colours and the method of marketing collateral.  



6. Call to action

Make sure you call to action is clear, your customer has to understand what you want them to do next. But you need to make sure you do not come off as too pushy, keep the call to action at the end of your marketing piece to draw it to a close.  



7. Other resources

Make sure you collateral campaigns line up with your online marketing campaigns. If your print providers offer free PDF flyers use them in your online marketing with email campaigns.


This is a quick guide into some of the top tips recommended for your collateral marketing efforts. Follow these tips and you are on your way to creating an effective collateral marketing campaign.