In business we often hear of the term public procurement. In this article we address what exactly public procurement is and what a public procurement lawyer would do.

what is public procurement

What is public procurement?

According to the OECD public procurement is the purchase by governments and enterprises owned by a state of goods and services. What makes public procurement so important is the fact that goods and services purchased are sought through taxpayers money. In this way it is expected by the public that such purchases and contracts are carried out in such a way that it gives tax payers the best value and contracts are conducted properly in order to safeguard the interest of the public.

Public procurement contracts usually are awarded through tenders to assess the best fit and best qualified the suppliers or contractors.


Examples of what public procurement is:

Here are some examples of procurement is in most states:

  • building contractors for construction of state properties
  • civil engineering contractors for road development
  • digital companies for the supply and development of tech
  • office equipment suppliers for schools and government offices


Benefits of Public Procurement

Public procurement tenders have set guidelines and processes in which suppliers and contractors must provide in order to win a procurement contract. A benefit of this is the fact that the winning contractor or supplier must go through a rigorous process in order to have the best chance of winning a contract. This means that those with a good reputation would only win meaning the tax payers will get best value for money.

Procurement also works for governments for:

  • introduction of new policies
  • job creation
  • training opportunities


What does a Procurement Lawyer do?

A public procurement lawyer has many roles to play in procurement including:

  • Advising on the public procurement processes
  • Managing legal implications in contracts
  • Advising on procurement and contract disputes
  • Handling legal challenges arising from public procurement processes


A key role for procurement lawyers is also to help companies looking to bid on procurement opportunities. This is a valuable insight to have if you are looking to bid on projects in your state. Having expert knowledge from a procurement lawyer will certainly give you a real advantage in succeeding in your bid.