What happened to Tasha on Dr Jeff? This is a question that we will be answering in this post.

What happened to Tasha on Dr Jeff? 

Who is Tasha on Dr Jeff?

Natasha “Tasha” Crabtree was a vet on the DR. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet TV show. Born Natasha Crabtree, she is more often referred to as Tasha. She also prefers to be named Tasha, rather than Natasha.


Tasha Crabtree had a phobia of crows and there was an episode dedicated to her efforts in trying to overcome this phobia. She had to overcome the phobia to help an injured crow.


What happened to Tasha on Dr Jeff?

Tasha has not appeared on Dr. Jeff in the last while as she has moved on. She is still a veterinarian and she attends veterinary conventions in the US.


A lot of people have questioned Tasha’s absence from the Dr. Jeff show. It is true that she has been missed from the show and we wish her well in her future veterinary career.

We know that she loves animals and is very talented in helping sick pets.